PD900HC Widebody Aero-Kit for Dodge Challenger

This product is made from quality Fiberglass-Duraflex mix. This material is characterized by an excellent surface finish that provides sufficient flexibility combined with high stability and allows for easy and inexpensive painting. Also, our parts are all made with excellent fitment with no modifications or alterations needed for the parts, which minimizes installation costs.

Fits all Dodge CHALLENGER models.

PD900HC Widebody Aero-Kit suitable for Dodge Challenger.

Package Includes:

PD900HC Front Bumer incl. Add-On Lip Spoiler
PD900HC Cupwings 4 pcs
PD900HC Front Widenings 4-piece
PD900HC Rear Widenings 4-piece
PD900HC Rear Diffusor
PD900HC Rear Diffusor Under Add-On Lip
PD900HC Rear Trunk Spoiler
PD900HC Side Skirts Add-on Lip Spoiler

Separate parts:

PD900HC Front Bumper incl. Front Add-On Lip Spoilersuitable for Dodge Challenger.

PD900HC Cupwings suitable for PD900HC Frontstoßstange.

PD900HC Front Widenings 4-piece. suitable for Dodge Challenger.

PD900HC Rear Widenings 4-piece suitable for Dodge Challenger.

PD900HC Diffusor suitable for Dodge Challenger.

PD900HC Rear Diffusor Add-On Lip Spoiler suitable for PD900HC Rear Diffusor.

PD900HC Rear Trunk Spoiler suitable for Dodge Challenger.

PD900HC Side Skirts Lip Spoiler suitable for Dodge Challenger.