Aerodynamic-Kit for BMW 3-Series E46 Coupe



This product is made from ABS-Plastic.

Fits all BMW E46 Coupe models.

To the extent that your vehicle is a model after facelift is (identified by the flashing of the headlights – see picture), the assembly of the front and rear bumper is subject to additional remediation work. For vehicles with PDC, the PDC sensors for mounting recesses are worked into the bumper. For vehicles with existing SRA must also cut out the notches and the SRA including caps are adapted to the front bumper.

Package includes:

PRIOR_DESIGN Front Bumper suitable for BMW 3-Series E46 Coupe.

PRIOR_DESIGN Rear Bumper suitable for BMW 3-Series E46 Coupe.

PRIOR-DESIGN Side Skirts suitable for BMW 3-Series E46.